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"Using your land for beekeeping can qualify you for a significant property tax reduction in Texas. Professional beekeepers can help you meet the specific county requirements, typically involving the use of land for beekeeping for five out of seven years with a certain number of hives. This service not only aids in achieving tax benefits but also supports vital pollination and local ecosystems. On this page, you’ll find a list of certified beekeepers ready to help you transform your property into a productive and environmentally beneficial space.


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Michele D Jaquier

I provide ag leasing services. I lease my hives to land owners and handle all the maintenance,  I also provide maintenance to land owners who own their bees.  I cover Bastrop, Fayette Colorado, Gonzales, Austin, Lee and Washington Counties.

I also do swarm removals and cut outs.

My contact info is:

Michele D Jaquier



MaryAnn Green - Green Glen Honey Bees


Bruce Ford - Ross Creek Honey Bees


Megan Maples - Backroads Apiary, LLC

Backroads Apiary, LLC is a full-service beekeeping company that operates in Bastrop, Travis, and Williamson County. I sell nucs and equipment to start apiaries, and also maintenance yards alongside anyone who wishes to seek mentorship or property owners seeking AG valuations. I have worked with wildlife management groups to fill out 1-D-1 applications and have consistently met all county requirements for documentation. I schedule swarm and honeybee removals in between other bee work!



Steve Schiller - Coupland Honey Company

Hello, I own Coupland Honey Company and have been beekeeping for over 10 years and among other things I also provide bees for ag evaluation. I have a Facebook page at Coupland Honey Company or my website is 

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